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Nantes – This variety is recommended for fresh markets as it is very strong against cracking and splitting. It is an early maturing plant with a very red internal and external color making it suitable for processing. It matures after 120 days.
California Wonder
This commonly grown productive variety produces shiny high-quality fruits. It is a local variety found in many markets worldwide and takes 72 days to mature.
Red Patch F1 – This variety produces deep red attractive bulbs with a strong pungent smell and has a shelf life of up to 6 months. It has the ability to give all sizes depending on spacing and enjoys a huge market demand. It is resistant to Downy
Chives – The hardy, drought-tolerant perennial onion like herb takes 45 days to mature after which farmers harvest after every 20-25 days for up to three years.
Oregon Sweet pod – It is easy to pick and has straight flat and dark green pods. It has better heat tolerance that snow flake and is well adopted to warm regions. It has a high resistance to Pea Leaf Roll Virus and matures after 70 days.
Pursar F1 – A compact cabbage, this high yielding variety is ideal for fresh market. It is very strong against splitting, has very long standing ability and is well adapted to long distances. It is resistant to Fusarium Yellows……………………..
Green Zucchini – This open plant with long internodes is suitable for cultures under plastic and open fields

It is very bright medium green in color and is very productive with high-quality fruits. It matures after 45 days.

NYCE HWM-T F1 This super oval crimson variety is sweet tasting succulent. It is also a very vigorous and high yielding variety, very red high BRIX flesh with minimized rind and is well adopted to warm regions. It matures between 60-75 days,
Mel F1 – This is an indeterminate variety that is ideal for stacked culture in a plastic house and open fields. It is a very reliable variety because it has a full range of resistance, is high yielding and transplants take on average 72 days to mature.