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Pursar F1 – A compact cabbage, this high yielding variety is ideal for fresh market. It is very strong against splitting, has very long standing ability and is well adapted to long distances.
This is an indeterminate variety that is ideal for stacked culture in plastic house and open fields. It is a very reliable variety because it has a full range of resistance, is high yielding and transplants take on average 72 days to mature. ………………..
California Wonder – This commonly grown productive variety produces shiny high-quality fruits. It is a local variety found in many markets world-wide and takes 72 days to mature.
The hardy, drought-tolerant perennial onion like herb takes 45 days to mature after which farmers harvest after every 20-25 days for up to three years.
This variety produces deep red attractive bulbs with a strong pungent smell and has a shelf life of up to 6 months…………….
Green Zucchini – This open plant with long internodes is suitable for cultures under plastic and open fields
It is very bright medium green in colour and is very productive with high quality fruits. It matures after 45 days.


Premier Seed Limited is a frontrunner in the business of vegetable seed distribution, agronomic support and herb business working to meet the insatiable appetite in both local and international market. From superior and high yielding onions, coriander, tomatoes, and squashes, to aromatic chives, rosemary, and oregano, we work with our clients across the value chains to ensure we deliver top notch products and services while remaining true to the ethos of quality, customer focus, love for the environment and our people, that oil the engine of our growth.


F1 Hybrid seeds are the result of a cross between two genetically distinct parent plant lines. The plants grown from these seeds will usually show more vigor than either of the two parent plants, and often more vigor.
Certified Organic Seeds
To be labeled as certified organic, seeds must have been grown, harvested, stored, and handled in accord with the rules and procedures outlined. Certified organic seeds cannot contain genetically-engineered traits.
Higher Quality Standards
We maintain an on-site seed lab, and partner only with certified industry seed labs for both our initial and regular cycle germination tests as per requirements.
Enhanced Seeds
seeds have been coated with a chemical-based fungicial and/or insecticidal treatment that protects the seeds from soil-borne pests or pathogens during the seeding and germination phases.